April 7
The mugs arrived today and they are beautiful. I am so glad we went with these cups and I love how the logo turned out. I think everyone in our office is going to love them. Liz, St. Paul, MN

April 6
Sunset Hill is now my best selling mug!! Dominic, Los Alamos, NM

April 5
I have four of your mugs and absolutely LOVE them! I got them when I worked at a company that hired you to do mugs for the employees for a holiday gift and we had our company emblem put on the outside of the mug. What I love most about the mug is that it is sturdy and you can put it in the microwave and the handle does not heat up and burn you when you go to remove the mug. Pam, Unknown

April 4
I just got our shipment this afternoon and the mugs are awesome!!! Your graphic art department did a great job with our logo, love the state of WI! Not sure which mug I love more! I cannot wait to show the board members the final product, pictures do not do them justice. Danielle, West Allis, WI

April 3
The ornaments and coasters have arrived in perfect conditions. They look fantastic. Thank you for all your help and patience on these projects. Lisa, Murfreesboro, TN

March 31
The mugs arrived today. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the entire process and especially how impressed we are with the quality of the mugs. It is great to see that something can be crafted here in the U.S. and be of the highest quality and still a good price. You should be proud of Sunset Hill Stoneware. I look forward to future orders! Mike, Jacksonville, FL

March 31
I have received two mugs as ordered in great condition and thank you for quicker turnaround than promised. I work for my son and hope to convince him of ordering a mug for around 50 to 100 mugs for employees and customers. Douglas, Blue Springs, MO

March 31
Shelly, you are so awesome. I do have this design on a couple mugs but never even thought about our beautiful stoneware mugs! I will be in touch when it is time to order again. Thank you for your efforts and loving my signature artwork. Gina, St. Helena Island, SC

March 24
You have done an AMAZING job! They will be so very pleased to get the mugs early! Debbie, Centerville, UT

March 23
We love both the coasters and the mugs. The colors are just fabulous and the quality is again great. No issues/concerns/problems what so ever. You guys really take care when producing and packaging the mugs. Thank you. Melanie, New Orleans, LA

March 23
Your hand-thrown mugs have proven very popular with our museum guests. In fact, I left my desk just this moment to sell another one! Thank you for your awesome customer service, Tom! I spoke with Tom about getting an order of left-handed mugs and was so pleased our request can be accomodated! Susie, Hood River, OR

March 21
Wow! Not only did the coasters arrive, but the mugs arrived as well! That was super humanly fast and everything looks great. Erin, Grand Rapids, MI

February 24
The mugs I ordered arrived yesterday, much to my surprise :) Delivered MUCH sooner than I expected, and exceptionally packaged. Thank you so very much. David, Lawrenceville, PA

February 17
I received the mugs this afternoon. I LOVE all of them. The glaze is beautiful and the artwork looks great. You all did a nice job! Hope to work with you again real soon. Laurie, Auburndale, FL

February 17
We love the mugs! We are currently taking bets on how quickly we sell out in the school store. Jordan, Wake Forest, NC

February 17
Mugs are now available for sale! They are flying off the shelves. Been available for 30 minutes and I have sold 25 already. Sam, Hulbert, OK

February 13
Just wanted to say that the stoneware arrived and we love the new logo! You guys did a great job on it, thank you! Alex, Blowing Rock, NC

February 10
The mugs arrived safely and are beautiful! Thank you for recommending the deeper enhanced printing on them - we are very pleased with the way these look! I am sure our guests are going to want to take one of each. Susan, Penn Yan, NY

February 7
Truly impressive how fast you have attended to helping replace my broken mug. Beyond mortal to be sure. It is a handsome and heavy mug, with a design that will never wash away. Arthur, Thousand Oaks, CA

February 3
Received and unpacked. I love seeing how each batch turns out - the differences are so interesting. I love all our mugs from you all, but I really love this batch :) Keep up the awesome work! Sharon, Orange, VA

February 2
Please be advised that Brandi has done a phenomenal job working with me to develop and craft an order for a set of mugs/steins that will be used for a Golf Tournament I host in my Dad’s memory. She provided and met her own deadlines. She was quick to reply with a number of requests regardless of the importance or scope. Even though I am sure in the breadth of all orders to Sunset Hill this is a small and not as continuous as other orders, Brandi made sure every wish was met to the utmost ability. It has taken us a little more than 3 days to develop an order. Any slowness was all on my side of making choices which she provided and upheld to the fullest extent. I will continue to use Sunset Hill Stoneware for future orders because of Brandi. Woodrow, Bangor, ME

January 20
You have awesome mugs with awesome people working to make high quality mugs and customer service. I just wish your company was located a little closer so I could work at Sunset Hill too. I have bought other mugs from the online catalog and all are of such great quality. Thanks and have a great day! Judy, Luxemburg, WI

January 19
I received the mugs today. They are AWESOME! I have sold 4 so far since about 3:15 and anticipate a good sell tomorrow. Thank you very much. I will be in touch when we are ready to order ornaments and/or a reorder of the mugs. Vicki, Colora, MD

January 18
Everything arrived just fine. I am telling you, your design folks are stupendous!! The Head Effigy Logo is absolutely the best I have ever seen - so detailed and perfect!! Please thank them for us for a job well done. They are true artisans! Thank you all again, and best wishes for the new year! Tess, Wilson, AR

January 13
We received the shipment today. The Swirlware is fantastic! Christy, Grand Canyon, AZ

January 6
The mugs all arrived safely! The staff are pretty excited about the mugs for our mug club members and I think they are just beautiful! Please tell those hard working folks who created them!! Maria, Sunnyvale, CA

January 4
Good experience. Very easy clear directions...site was well designed. Thank you. Laila, Steilacoom, WA

January 3
I was thrilled to open the boxes when we got back Sat night...The mugs are gorgeous! Thanks so much for providing such a nice product and super quick turnaround! We are extremely happy with our order. Sara, Mitchelville, IA

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