November 10
Good afternoon to you! Everything arrived just fine and in tact. :) Just wanted to tell you that everything exceeded my expectations! I knew they would be nice but they are BEAUTIFUL!! From the ordering process, to the ease of shipping, and all your help has been extremely appreciated! Thank you for everything! Kristie, Glen Arbor, MI

November 9
The mugs are beautiful as always :) I am hoping for word soon on my 2nd location which I feel the mugs will be a huge hit! Dawn, Dundee, NY

November 1
Outstanding customer service! I look forward to having these made. Guido, Austin, TX

November 1
Smooth ordering, great selection. Ken, Decatur, TX

October 30
Wonderful! It's fun to select the glaze and logo on my mug. I purchased my first pair of potbelly mugs from Baer House in Vicksburg, MS. I love it! even my friends love them! Cynthia, Metairie, LA

October 30
Traveling now but was planning on writing you to thank you for the stoneware which is fabulous. Please convey our pleasure to your craftspeople. Will stay in touch. Tim, Sister Bay, WI

October 26
The mugs came and are beautiful! I am having trouble deciding which 1 I want to purchase for myself! Barb, Frederica, DE

October 26
We have received the coasters, they look fabulous and we could not be happier! Thank you very much for your time and efforts creating such a high quality product. We will be repeat customers for sure! Brittany, Milwaukee, WI

October 26
Great experience with our recent order. I would recommend your company to anyone who wants a great product and no hassel online ordering. Tammy, Worden, IL

October 25
Oh my word! You cannot imagine how excited our group was to see the mugs show up in time for our exhibit. You and your team are wonderful!! Thank you so very, very much!! Jean, Dubuque, IA

October 19
The mugs were a hit with everyone and I have received great feedback! Everything looked perfect. Jaime, Jenison, MI

October 19
Been looking for a Made in America, lead-free coffee mug for a while now, and I couldn't be more excited to try your company out! Loving all the glazes and artwork, and the mug (and crock!) style selections are amazing! Think I know where I'm getting Christmas presents too! Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic company! Jenni, Anna, TX

October 8
The boxes arrived yesterday. I only looked at the dog bowls. I love them. I am very pleased with all from your company. Chuck, Key West, FL

October 2
We got the mugs. AWESOME!! The boss loves them. Thanks! Kevin, Tampa, FL

September 30
I want to let you know that I received the mug today, and it looks perfect. Please pass along my appreciation to the person who made it. I have already ordered another one, and will spread the word about SHS whenever I can. Figaro, Silver Spring, MD

September 29
We received our order and everything looks amazing. We are already selling several of the new mugs too! I will be in touch as we are ready to reorder. Nikki, Burlington, CO

September 28
The mugs arrived safe & sound! They are great & wonderfully crafted. I just sold my first today! The local Woman's club is buying 6. And, I personally will be buying mine too! Thank you for your help & consistent support of getting the order completed & shipped in a timely manner for us. Phyllis, Hillsboro, WV

September 23
The mugs arrived safely and they are amazing! Absolutely beautiful! Raegan, Waco, TX

September 18
I wanted to let you know I received the mugs and of course, I love them all! My stoneware display is once again full with great USA made stoneware! They were packaged so well not one was broken. Great shipping! Sarah, Warner Robins, GA

September 15
We are so excited. Hundreds of people will be here 9/25 and 9/26 for our Fall Festival. Now we will surely have plenty of mugs. What great customer service! Connie, Alexandria, IN

September 9
Everything arrived good as usual. We sold several pieces over the weekend and that again testifies to SH's excellent craftsmanship. We are thankful for your product and service. Enjoy the rest of your year and we will surely talk again in 2016. David, Ludington, MI

September 9
My husband brought back one of your beautiful mugs from Fort Stanwix in Rome, NY. Absolutely thrilled with it. Hoping to use it as our starter piece and build a collection. Love the idea of putting photographs on them. Loreitta, Rathdrum, ID

September 1
They are perfect! I have shown the mug to several of our board members and they are all pleased with the outcome. Norm, Fort Wayne, IN

August 25
The order is here, the mugs look good, and none were damaged in shipping. Thank you for all you do and have a GREAT DAY! David, Andersonville, GA

August 21
You TRULY ARE THE GODDESS OF SALES! I’m going to have to sell more of your stuff so you don’t forget me. Monte, Eclectic, AL

August 20
I received the mugs yesterday and tortured my staff by not letting them open the boxes till I arrived today! They are awesome, they look even better than the mock up. They will give a WOW factor to the gift shop. I love that you enclosed a product flyer, for the people that seek out 'Made in the USA' products, it will draw their attention and other people will become aware of the high quality products that are made in this country. Mary, Sagle, ID

August 20
All of the mugs arrived...some late yesterday and the remainder today, packaged beautifully. They are fabulous!! We are really pleased with all of them and it will be hard to decide upon our 'signature' mug. I know our F&F fans will enjoy using them for many, many years. Pat, Monkton, MD

August 16
We received the new mugs just before we were leaving and I have to say: They are wonderful. We really like them and they look elegant. I'll let you know when the coasters arrive. Melanie, New Orleans, LA

August 16
The mugs arrived just fine, they are flying off the shelf! Pass along our thanks to those hardworking folks 'on the floor'. The mugs are beautiful. Heather, Stevensville, MT

August 16
I bought one of your mugs yesterday at a quilt store and was ever so happy to see it made in America. I have a tendency now to purchase something more if it is made here. Please keep up the good work. Love the mug I purchased and my first cup of coffee in it this morning. Marie, Cresco, IA

August 12
HI Sandra! I just got back to the office after traveling for a couple of days. The coasters are AWESOME! We love em! Raegan, Waco, TX

August 12
Love, love, love the stoneware!! Every piece was taken out last night and oohed and ahhed over like Christmas morning! And no motors: ) will send pics of the display at the BBQ festival!! By the way, outstanding packaging design and execution! Very impressed! Lori, Conifer, CO

August 11
The mugs are doing very well. I should be placing another order in the next month or so. Alicia, Philadelphia, PA

August 11
I can tell you care about all aspects of the pottery process, not just the product, but everything that goes into it. Before and after. We have had a great response locally and I cannot wait to release the mugs online - finally. We love them, the people who have them love them, and I know many more will come to love them too. Christopher, Jamestown, ND

August 10
Just wanted to say I love your mugs. Have many of them from State Parks and other places ranging from Wilderness Road SP in Virginia to the Tippicanoe Battleground Memorial in Lafayette, IN. Very high quality and fits well in my hand. Clay colors/glazing are also high quality. Brett, Indianapolis, IN

August 6
My first customer in on Friday morning was someone I had never seen before and she bought TWO! I sold a total of 6 over the weekend...I was so happy and sooo surprised. I have them right on my counter where I check out my customers. I have a huge blackboard behind me at the counter and of course had to put on there. Check out our 'Woodstock Ct' Mugs. My husband brought one to work with him and his fellow employees were owing and awing over it. Kathy, Woodstock, CT

August 6
We received the mugs and you guys did a wonderful job, they will look amazing in the lodge shop. Thank you for all you have done. Holly, Patten, ME

August 4
I cannot thank you enough. RH is going to be absolutely ecstatic!! It is not fair for me to be the one to give him the good news, without you being a part of it. I am going to copy you on an email to him, with the subject line 'An issue with our stoneware order' and then in the body, it is going to say 'Shipping sooner than planned…In time for the event!!' He will just about fall out of his chair at work. Lori, Conifer, CO

August 4
Thank you, we will take the mugs as soon as possible. I cannot believe how fast they are selling, we get an order in, I turn around and there are not any left. Sara, Forks, WA

August 3
Everything was wonderful. I have to say from the beginning to the end I have nothing but great things to say about the company and all the workers I have met along the way. Being able to tour the plant when I picked up my order was really awesome to see how they are made. And what great customer service you have. Thank you so very much. I will be ordering again very soon as I only have 1 glacier blue left, that is a huge seller so far. I'll be putting in an order soon. I am busy planning a wedding right now but after that is planned and done with I will be going through and picking some new colors to add to the mug list. Megan, De Pere, WI

July 22
I am extremely impressed with this company! I have been working with account representative Sarah F to expedite an order of two custom mugs for my niece's wedding. Not only was the company willing to accommodate my request and get the order to me quickly, Sarah also worked with me to help me select the color combination to match the bridal party colors. She promptly answered all my questions and kept me posted on the status of my order. All this support, and I only ordered TWO mugs! It's amazing to me that in this day and age,this level of customer service still exists! Thank you SHStoneware, for helping me pull this off! Julie, Great Mills, MD

July 18
Awesome website and products!! I purchased one of your mugs at Denali National Park during a recent visit. When I got home, I was so sorry that I hadn't purchased some as gifts, and was excited to find your online store. Then, when I realized I could custom design EXACTLY the mugs I wanted, I was even more ecstatic. What a great website!! Thanks! Deborah, Tallahassee, FL

July 16
You did us Real Proud Jeff. Thank you so much for being a great partner in helping us grow the Reformation brand as we work to #setbeerfree. Cheers to you and your team! Brad, Woodstock, GA

July 15
How beautiful! Well packaged! None broke and they are very very nice, we love them! Thanks Jeff and awesome Sunset Hill people! Mick, Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

July 6
Imagine my surprise when I saw the tracking number for our mugs. You must be a miracle worker! Thank you! You are much appreciated. Joelle, Ocracoke, NC

June 30
I went through the cases of mugs and everything looks beautiful. Thanks for getting our order out so quickly! Becky, Poplar Grove, IL

June 9
I want you and the entire Sunset Hill Stoneware Crew to know that every mug is beautiful! Thank you so much! Stop in the next time you're in the neighborhood and meanwhile, have a wonderful summer. Jan, Fish Creek, WI

June 7
I just got my mugs, and we LOVE them!! I am so happy to finally have them in our store. Thanks so much for your help (and patience!) Lisa, Macon, GA

May 14
They look great! And hopefully they will "fly out the door!" I'll be in touch when we need more. Anna, Bar Harbor, ME

May 13
The mugs arrived in fine shape! We are proud to have them on our shelves as they are definitely a hit with our visitors. Joyce, Stone Harbor, NJ

May 4
YES, the mugs arrived as expected, earlier in fact. And they look AMAZING! We just had our event last weekend and people were VERY impressed with the mugs and the winners loved their trophies. You folks do really, really top quality work — and with exceptional customer service. We will be back for more, no doubt about it! Kim, Portland, OR

April 29
Thank you so much for getting them done so fast and here for our first full week of classes next week. It is awesome to have them as they really make the bookstore look nice! Melinda, Ellison Bay, WI

April 29
What a dynamite product! Love the customization! Marcia, Aiken, SC

April 28
This is the easiest order ever! Everything looks great in your email below and the logo is good to go. Theresa, Boulder Junction, WI

April 23
I just received 2 two-handled mugs in twilight color from Mystic Monks Coffee. They are far beyond my expectations: Excellent Quality, Wisconsin made, Beautiful color, Fantastic thick rim, Well-executed company logo, and a clear pottery mark on the bottom. Mary, Mukwonago, WI

April 21
Just wanted to say the mugs came in today! Cannot say enough about how AWESOME they are. We will definitely be using you in the future and overall everything was perfect: The mugs, the customer service, and the price. You got them here a week early! Thank you so Much!! Tyler, Providence, RI

April 10
Thank you so much, Sandra. You have been so helpful throughout this process. That ironclad guarantee of service and integrity is part of the meaning behind the name for the new business. I appreciate this part of America now far more than I did before. Makes me proud to be an American, and so thankful to be coming back home. Ryan, Fayetteville, TN

April 9
The mugs were a huge hit at our awards ceremony, so much so that people are asking to purchase them. We are not sure yet if we're going to do that, or keep them as special gifts. We didn't go through all of them, as they were only given to a select few. I'll certainly be in touch when we go through this first order. Emily, St. Paul, MN

April 8
My co-worker LOVED her mug that I purchased from SHS for her Birthday. Alexis, Murphysboro, IL

April 6
The shipment arrived on Friday. They were released for sale that night and were VERY well received. The other partners were very impressed with the quality. I saw a picture with the red pints and some mugs, and I saw someone at church drinking from one of the mugs on Sunday! Thanks for the artisan-ship and professionalism. Expect a reorder soon! Mike, Woodstock, GA

April 2
When I learned that Sunset Hill Stoneware did custom work, it got my interest. I currently had several of their products in my home, but was unaware of the ease of creating custom work. Their support of Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical services lead to them mailing our department information about obtaining their products. Their staff helped us every step of the way from creating the artwork, to giving us color and mug options. The end product is stunning, as always. Quality work is something you can expect from a company that takes as much pride in customer relations as they do the work they create. Shari is who I worked with and is someone I look forward to speaking with. There are not a lot of sales reps I enjoy getting phone calls from, but I look forward to Shari’s calls, she may start as your sales rep; but chances are she will end up as your friend. Pleased with every order, and look forward to my next order! Travis, Elk Mound, WI

March 31
We did receive our shipment and I am able to only look at it through pictures from my daughter. We are visiting our new Grand Daughter born last Thursday. I was so surprised when my daughter said the mugs had arrived. And the pictures show that the mugs look wonderful! Lisa, Muskegon, MI

March 25
WOW! I love the new packaging for the coasters. (Red, white, and blue) I was not expecting packaging at all, so it was a great surprise for me as well! I sold another mug today to a woman who has been here before. She saw our post on facebook and came in and bought one. It definitely was a good move on our part to have mugs made! Susan, Randolph, NY

March 24
Tom I just wanted to let you know we received our order today and everything looks great. Thank you for your prompt service. Laurie, Neenah, WI

March 20
Your company is fast! I am so impressed! Was not expecting anything for weeks, just the coasters. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help with this process and the end results are spectacular! The mugs are sharp! I don’t have a favorite, because they all have their own little personality in the colors and shape of the mugs. Susan, Randolph, NY

March 18
I just wanted to let you know that our mugs arrived today and they look fantastic! I cannot believe they got here so quickly. Everyone is going to love them! Thank you so much for your help and for pushing this order through. Emily, St. Paul, MN

March 12
Received the mugs, they look great! Thank you so much for your quick turn around and professional service! Michael, Greenville, SC

March 12
Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how nice the mugs that we got from you are and everyone loves them. I love the resurrection fern on them. Thanks for working so hard for us. Linnie, St. Marys, GA

March 11
First I want to say that I am very pleased with all the mugs. They are prettier than I had even hoped for when I ordered them. I cannot wait to get them displayed and start selling them. Thanks so much for working with me on this project, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. Amy, Savannah, GA

February 27
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help us with this project! I am so excited to be putting a handmade in America product with our logo on it in our gift shop! I think they will do well. Sue, Randolph, NY

February 9
We took a tour of the Dogfish Head brewery this Sat. I saw your mug in the store and had to have it. What a great looking and functional mug. I look for Made in USA items and always enjoy seeing the companies that know that your employees are who will make or break you. Especially like to see companies who take pride in the Quality of their product. Keep up the great work. Ron, Ocean City, MD

January 22
I will certainly look to your company for gifts in the future. Your product is absolutely wonderful. Your customer service is amazing also. I couldn't ask for any better support. Thank you again. Richard

January 16
We love the mugs! Job well done. We aren't all that busy today - We just put them out and sold four quickly. Susan, Hancock, MA

January 14
We are thrilled with the look and quality of the mugs! It was a pleasure working with you. Thank you! Brian, University Heights, OH

January 12
Very much appreciated. We love the mugs and they sold like crazy over the holidays. Kathy, Madison, WI

January 12
Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE MY SUNSET HILL MUGS! They turned out better than I imagined and I'm thrilled. The Northern Lights color is beautiful and probably will be my choice for future orders. Again, thank you for all of your assistance, input and work on my order. You are a great example of someone who provides exemplary customer service! Gail, West Branch, MI

January 9
Just wanted to thank you and your team for the amazing mugs you produced for us. Not only do they look great, but we received them much faster than we anticipated. Thank you for your help and we will be surely ordering more! Lisa, Homewood, CA

January 1
Excellent website; easy, informative, intuitive. Mark, Metairie, LA

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